Full ‘Pathology’ (2008) movie review

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Directed by Marc ScholermannPathology’ is a crime – horror movie including somewhat of a thriller genre as well by MGM. This ninety three minutes film combines a terrifying experience with bone chilling brutality for the audience and it does achieve its purpose to a medium but necessary extent. The writers Mark Neveldine and Brian taylor create a skillful pathology dvd covertwisted world where the Hippocratic oath is not only unconsidered but boldly violated by the pathologists themselves, imagine the saver becoming the ultimate killer and you get a well manipulated obligation to meet up the highest level of cruelty and disrespect of human body.

The movie is rated R (similar movies) for factors like disturbing and perverse behavior, graphic images, sexual content, nudity, drug use and foul language.
Although the movie  is not the perfect attention grabber but it has in fact attained a good and significant recognition.

Pathology (2008) – Entrance

The beginning of the ‘Pathology’ film is actually an introduction to the mentality of Gallo and his group while using corpse bodies  for their own entertainment  and humor. Teddy Gray is a clever but mysterious man and he shrugs off getting bullied by the fellow interns a.k.a Gallo  and his team as not much of an alarming situation but befriending them turns out to be even more threatening and callous.

What was apparently just a bunch of childish and immature interns was revealed as the psychotic game of power and murder. Teddy gray isn’t exactly a protagonist, though he might seem like one because the personality he possesses is of a cheater and a cryptic guy , he is accustomed to sin himself but not as reckless as the rest of the people he joins. His nature in a manner appeals to Gallo and company because of the complexity and passiveness. He isn’t a total code hero, he just realizes the brunt of his mistakes when the circumstances are almost too aggressive to back out of. When the truth unfolds regarding the insanity wedged in minds of the antagonists, he comes to the conclusion that he might’ve risked the life he is blessed with and those of the ones he loves, putting it all in a deeply pressurizing situation. Though it leads to a wicked battle for survival but his only positive quality is his courage and not backing down when faced with the scarring  and challenging mindset of his co workers.

His mild but alert attitude in a case that he does put a stop to all the havoc around him. Milo Ventimiglia has played the role of ‘Dr. Ted Grey’ with a much required cunning-ness and spirit but we also see Michael Weston playing the role of ‘Dr. Jake Gallo’ in the most villainous way possible, both of their performances however weren’t solely responsible for getting the best reviews and critique because there were after all many plot holes.

Sick competition – Pathology

pathology movie review

The obnoxious team of killers are experts in the respective field because of the content of knowledge and experience that they had gained in past works of craziness, therefore all of them are professionally skilled when it comes to getting rid of any sort of evidence leading to their exposure. The sense of a sick competition between all of them is the reason behind the killer rampage going on and poor teddy gets badly tangled up in their creation.  Everybody wants the other to play Sherlock Holmes and themselves getting throned as the superior murderer, during treating the whole scenario as if it’s nothing more than a college prank.

The struggle for triumph has become an instinct for them blinding them from all the gory consequences.Their maniacal habits and constant intercourse  in presence of morgues  is surely an unsettling element and makes us wonder if these people are under spell of necromania. They are also the victims of sado-masochism as they use the forensic tools for pleasure purposes too, which further labels them as a savage class of humans . Those beings have gone stripped from any kind of guilt or remorse, considering it all as normal as long as they don’t get caught but Teddy isn’t exactly an angel himself however his personal sins and reasons for participating in this cringe worthy game aren’t totally disclosed . So is everyone else.

This is a scary but lesson teaching portrayal of a true criminal sociopath and it does play with the watcher’s  thinking in a tricky but effective way. The observer questions the qualities of the characters that do they not have any conscience ? and precisely how bored does one has to become in order to perform this activity of numerous mastered massacres?

A state of ‘Disturbia’ – Pathology movie

pathology movie review

The film is purely appreciable in maintaining the authenticity  of discarded and grisly human flesh along with building a state of ‘disturbia’ for the ones watching it.
It is not family friendly in any way , definitely not a flick to watch with kids or weak hearted people  as a ‘curl-up-on-the-couch’ relaxer. As the barbarity and extremism is traumatic in both moral and individual manners. Though it might be intriguing for the majority of curious and nerdy psychiatrists who want to collect the theories behind warped brains and wit.

The movie displays a moral that what happens when humans explore the gift of his to such a limit where it falls under the category of toys to them to attain their own wild satisfaction and happiness. When the wrong person gets the key to answers he might be able to create the biggest and very dangerous labyrinths of all time, but if dealt with caution or even smallest trace of humanity, it can later on transform into a saving grace.

Conclusion – Teds sanity

Ted wasn’t a pure human but he did have slight characteristic of sanity which made him defy the move to be a pawn and giving out to the tyrannical rule of the abnormality that stood before him. All in all, this film succumbs to the majestic and psychotic scare  genre going straight in an environment where the mission is achieved not only by blood but by nerve as well.

Critics review of ‘Pathology’ (2008)


Directed by Marc Scholermann and written by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, ‘Pathology’ is a Crime-Thriller movie released in 2008. The movie received mixed reviews from the audience as well as the critics, from genius to average and also obnoxious.

Although the ideas behind production seemed great before the movie was released, not much could be summed up for the execution according to some viewers.
We have compiled the popular ones for you here:-

IMDB rated the movie a 6 out of 10.

Rotten Tomatoes reported the positive reviews as 43%.

Metacritic scored the movie a 55 out of 100.

Los Angeles Times said it was ‘A nasty, naughty little film, a delightfully disagreeable horror-thriller’.

Scott Tobias (AV Club) pointed out – “There are a lot of diabolically clever ideas at play in Pathology, but Ventimiglia and director Marc Schoelermann snuff them out by treating the material gravely when they should be turning up the volume. As an actor, Ventimiglia (Rocky Balboa, TV’s heartthrob in Heroes) seems incapable of having any fun, but here, he’s playing a character who’s on vacation from his conscience; after his residency is over, he can get on with his buttoned-down life as if nothing ever happened, but even a kinky, Body Of Evidence-like fling with a fellow doctor (Lauren Lee Smith) leaves him stone-faced. For his part, Schoelermann misses the satirical possibilities of a premise that’s the ultimate testament to the arrogant detachment of the medical profession. Neither of them seems to realize that their movie is fundamentally—and at times gloriously—ridiculous, but much like Crank, it’s the guiltiest of guilty pleasures anyway.”

James Rocchi ( Common Sense Media) stated that – “”Pathology” is trying to shock audiences, and it does but at the same time, it at least does so through its characters and with bleak conviction. With recent PG-13 horror/thriller films like One Missed Call, Prom Night, and Shutter having breezed in and out of theaters, it’s at least refreshing that PATHOLOGY makes no bones about what it is: A grisly, R-rated thriller. Director Marc Schoelermann has clearly been reading the David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club) playbook, as his film takes place in a visually majestic (yet still terrifying) city of secrets and conspiracies.
Kudos also to screenwriters Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor for refusing to take any easy ways out with Ventimiglia’s character; Ted isn’t a starry-eyed innocent embroiled in trouble, but rather a willing participant in his own damnation. The movie succeeds in its mission, with more than just endless buckets of blood.”

While Kim Newman (Empire) says – “This puppy is just too deformed to survive long in theatres. Best to put it out of its misery.”

Sandy MacDonald (Boston Globe) reviews it as – “Even squeamish viewers are apt to be captivated by the tight, credible scripting; these 20-somethings talk and behave like today’s irony-clad young sophisticates. And whatever your opinion of the subject matter, you can’t fault the filmmaking.”

Lucius Gore (ESplatter) – ” To put things into perspective, the campier “Saw” films are all better — and more clever ..”

Deep Focus Review adds in its two pence – ” Director Marc Schoelermann offers an ambivalent and narcissistic production shot in varying tones of muted gray, accentuating the nasty makeup effects that will cause veteran horror fans to cringe, as Y-incisions and cracked rib cages look gruesomely authentic. But never more complicated than the reiteration of scenes involving graphic sex and death, Pathology renders itself meaningless, and, thanks to the irritating and inexplicable behavior of its central characters, quite annoying.”

The Movie Blog’s review goes – ” Pathology ends up being a smart, sexy, sick and somewhat twisted thriller that is quite enjoyable and a lot of fun to watch. The movie is hindered by lack of flow to the story telling, one of the worst scenes I’ve seen in years and a regrettably misused set of supporting characters, but overall still a great time at the theater. What can I say? I think it’s a great movie! Overall I give Pathology a 7.5 out of 10.”

So in an overall sense, the movie has both good and bad reviews, but it is better for one to watch it for one’s own self to gain a better sense of opinion about the film as well as qualify it as ‘grotesquely clever’ or just ‘simply pathetic’.

Alyssa Milano as Glen Williamson in ‘Pathology’ (2008)

alyssa milano featured photo

Alyssa Milano is an American actress, producer, blogger, fashion designer, reality show host, writer, judge and former singer. She is prominently known for her roles in shows like Who’s the boss?, Romantically Challenged, Mistresses and Charmed.

Alyssa Milano Husband

Alyssa Milano was born on 19th December, 1972 in Brooklyn New York to fashion alyssa-milano-husbanddesigner Lin Milano and her husband, a film music producer,  Thomas M.Milano. She had a very close knit family and loving environment while growing up with her baby brother Cory, who is seven years her junior.

Alyssa Milano 80s

Alyssa started her career as a child artist at age 7, when she auditioned for a part in the national show called Annie. She got the part as one of the orphans and toured the country with her mother for 18 months. This kick started her career in the film industry.
After the role of Annie, Alyssa returned and starred in many commercials that landed her a role in Who’s the Boss? in 1984.

Alyssa Milano was the teenage sweetheart during the 80’s. As she grew up, the awkward phase of Milano transforming from a teenager to an adult made it hard for her to find work.
The ‘transduction’ of Alyssa into an adult made her move from teenage movies to B movies. The translational period resulted in her starring in movies like Deadly Sins, Poison ivy II, Candles in the Dark, Embracing the Vampire etc. Also worked in a children’s film named The Canterville Ghost. Her role however, was not appreciated and she received negative reviews…

Alyssa Milano 90s

…She was portrayed as Samantha Micelli, the outgoing and loud daughter of Tony Danza.
The show aired for eight successful seasons. During this period she was spotted by a Japanese producer and she recorded five studio albums with his record label.
Milano described her songs as “Bubblegum pomp” and they were exclusively released in Japan. After Who’s the Boss? ended, Alyssa Milano took on roles in off Broadway theatre productions like Jayne Eyre, Butterflies are free etc. She also starred as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter in ‘Commando’ (1985).

In 1991, she reappeared in an independent movie titled “Where the Day Takes You”.
Her small role of a homeless prostitute gained her much appreciation from the critics.
She was also a blogger during the 90’s and wrote about her favorite team the Los Angeles Dodgers. She also came to the conclusion that there were no clothes available to suit the female fans of the team and thus decided to use her creativity to design the team central clothes for females. And that is how Touch by Alyssa Milano was created. It catered to designer wear for women that celebrated the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Milano’s Comeback

After a long break, Milano made a comeback with the series Melrose Place (1997-1998).
From 1998-2006 she worked In the WB drama Charmed as Phoebe Halliwell that made her already famous personal rise exponentially. During the early 2000’s she started philanthropic work and spent three months in South Africa that opened up new perspectives for her. She was deeply moved by the calamity stricken people of the land and she started giving back to the community and became associated with many international charities.

alyssa milano happy couple

In 2004 she also became UNICEF’s Goodwill National Ambassador. She ran a campaign for PETA in 2009 as well, as she is striving to lessen people’s suffering. Her role in Romantically Challenged (2010) broke her long reprieve from the entertainment industry.
In the same year she published her book “Safe at Home:Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic” that channelized her passion for baseball. She was also a host and later on, judge on Project Runway: All Stars. She gave her voice over for Ghostbusters: The Video Game. She starred and produced the romantic comedy “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” that focuses on a woman going through a relationship dilemma.

Milano as Glen Williamson in ‘Pathology’ (2008)

Her work in television movie Pathology was duly noted and much appreciated. Recently, Alyssa Milano starred as the lead role in the ABC’s production “Mistresses” as Savannah Davis. Milano, for her stellar performances and awe inspiring roles won many awards and nominations.  Even though Alyssa Milano’s virtually whole life has been put on film, she has not soaked up any bad influences from her peers.
She did not succumb to the temptatious callings of many other child star’s demise. She attributes this to her family who kept her grounded. Alyssa, while being Dyslexic, never let It be a hindrance to her career or let it rule her life. She completed her studies while working as well. This just goes on to show how strong and resilient her character is.

Even now, after spending more than three decades in the entertainment industry, Milano is as real a person as she was before being discovered.
She actively interacts with her followers on Twitter, personally replying to their tweets.
She also shares her personal endeavors as well as engages fans to contribute to the alyssa-milano-twitterinternational causes she is engaged with.
When you have a plethora of experience and physical work to boast of your success to the world, nobody needs words.
Miss Alyssa Milano is truly a shining example of how, with steel determination and sincerity, you can conquer the world.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Movie Studio

mgm online movies

Mankind has been continuously seeking better inventions for the sake of betterment of arts. The evolution of camera brought many significant changes in our environment. The cinema industry today with is worth billions of dollars now. The advent of motion picture or movies came in the late 1800s when by using “motion toys”, an illusion is created for the audience as there is a motion.

Edward Muybridge Ingenious Vision

Edward Muybridge was the first person to introduced true motion picture by using genius technique in which twelve cameras were placed in a certain order to capture the images of racing horse by successively taking snaps from each camera and merged it together. The first cinematographer, which could both capture pictures and project still pictures at a fast rate was the beginning of a new era called film industry later.

Further Advancement in Movies Production

In the early 1900’s courtesy of scientific advancement, in the field of cinematography, motivated the filmmakers to try and enter into different creative domains. Two decades later in 1920’s the film industry truly begin to nurture and flourish. The advent of movie stars made the industry more happening and charismatic. Every year hundred of movies being made and watched in the cinemas then and Hollywood was climbing high,considered as an icon for luxury, leisure and hard parties. Movie studios were born in Hollywood and regarded with in the public with much reverence. The earliest studios include Warner Brother Picture, RKO, Metro Goldwin Meyer, Paramount and 20th Century Fox. These film studios have their place where movies were filmed, and film production sets were available. It’s almost right to say that MGM Studios is the most famous, recognized and influential studios in Hollywood, so where did it all start?


Vaudeville, most prevalent and popular form of entertainment genre that was prevalent in 1920’s in which performance is a collection of unrelated acts combined together on a same stage, begins to crumble. Marcus Loew was a wealthy theater chain owner wanted a hefty supply of good films bought Metro Picture in 1916. Goldwyn picture was purchased in 1924 to improve quality. MGM had produced more than 100 films in first two years and grasped a profit of 4.7 million dollars in its full year.

Howard Dietz was the chief publicist of MGM created the company logo which means “Art for art’s sake” . Leo, the lion, is seen while roaring in the circle of the film upon which the motto of movie is inscribed. Later it was seen “more stars than there are in heaven” a reminder or reference to the fact that  more list of A category stars were incorporated into the MGM studios.

MGM Two-Colored Movies

MGM Studios is first one to produce a movie in two color technicolor (producing a movie in two primary colors). The following three movies were produced in 2 color technicolor The Big Parade, Uninvited Guest, Ben-Hur. In 1934 MGM made an entry in music industry by acquiring Miller Music Publishing Co. MGM stars dominated the Hollywood box office in the 1940s and credited for making many super stars such as Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Myrna, Macdonald and Jeannette.

Did Cartoon Distribution Rights Worked?

In animation MGM purchased the rights for the distribution of cartoons in 1930. After several ups and down MGM closed its cartoon division in the 1950s. The one major aspect in which MGM lag way behind is its ability to keep up with ever advancing and modernizing trends such as legal, demographic, social and economic trends of the film industry.


In the late 1950s and 1960s, it is due to this fact that despite performing outstandingly in the movie production it had immense losses on its account. Take an example such that MGM studio is last one to have converted to sound picture on the other hand it was the most influential and charismatic studios of that time. The studio then bought and sold three to four times due to unprecedented losses in the 1970s and 1980s. The staff of studio was being slashed off and production costs were lowered to cater for the losses in upcoming years. So the seventies and eighties are not the significant or prospering years for MGM studios. Almost six, seven streaming movies were produced in a year through different platforms.

During the period of instability of MGM several changes were made by the corporation in accordance with the buyer consent such as when turner broadcasting bought it for 1.5 billion dollars in 1985 its name was changed into MGM Entertainment Co, this deal in future proved to be a real loss for turner when it had to sold the entity for 300 million dollars.

When the failure seems inevitable Crédit Lyonnais, a french bank took full control of the corporation and named it back to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The former president of paramount pictures Frank Mancuso who was appointed by the bank to take care of managerial tasks hired Michael Marcus as the chairman of MGM.
Many notable giant  firms such as Sony, the weinstein company were seen negotiating with the MGM Corp to make an agreement on sale of MGM.

MGM Fictive Debt?

By the mid-2008, MGM had a total debt of 3.5 billion dollars. It then earns a total sum of 500 million dollars nearly half of it goes into debt payment. Certain sources claim that this economic recession significantly lowered the income of the firm. MGM paid off it’ all existing debts in 2012 and was given a good health chit by MGM auditor. Since then several productions can be seen.

Upcoming MGM Movie Projects

Now this firm is seeing looking forward on several upcoming projects aimed for streaming movies, SONY had wished to produce series of ‘James Bond’ in collaboration with MGM and Eon production. By far its been quite a rough journey for the MGM, now producing very few movies these days many wonders that can it go to the heights where it stood once. Notable blockbusters of MGM are A Space Odyssey, Gone with the Wind, The Apartment, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Annie Hall and Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Movies similar to ‘Pathology’ (2008)

movies similar with pathology 2008

Good movies are generally watched on a more enjoyable level but there are specific genres which never cease to grip the viewer’s attention. Genres such as : Animation, action, romance, comedy, mystery etc. Similarly many of the widely celebrated movies belong to the category of Crime and horror. When fused together, these two elements create mentally striking pieces which mostly leave nothing up to imagination.


One of the popular examples of such creations is the movie ‘Pathology’ (2008) directed by Marc Scholermann. The thriller wrapped screening does a fair justice to the writer’s fabrication. There are many other tribute worthy films connected to the same class, as of the above mentioned motion picture. Few of the blockbusters are listed as follows:

The silence of the lambs (1991)

Using an under training FBI student as a bait for gaining information from a psychiatrist the silence of the lambs movie posterwho is a major psychopath and cannibal doesn’t seem like a great idea but that’s exactly what the department does. The main character named Clarice Sterling acts as a link to get the psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter to spill secrets regarding an important case, while digging deeper for any more clues she also keeps fleeing from the jaws of another criminal mastermind.

The comparison between the two movies reveals insanity and the disturbed ambition of the villain. There is mystery and violation of human flesh in both to achieve sick personal blood lust. The most common thing is the set up of Gothic characteristics.

Hollow Man (2000)

What if man could turn invisible? This intriguing concept becomes a motivation for a group hollow man movie posterof gifted scientists. They dedicate all their hard work to the mission of attaining human transparency. One of them named Sebastian does succeed in developing such formula and he soon decides to become a subject for the experiment. After seeing the progress and truth behind his work he starts manipulating his fellows and people around him, driven by power and a corrupt mentality, he uses it to accomplish the wrongest of wrongs and loses his life while drunk in madness.

The film is identical to ‘Pathology’ in the features of the antagonists. Both Jake and sebastian are sinister in an indistinguishable way because they follow their revenge demanding and ill power wielding nature. They create chaos from every chance possible to extinguish their vengeance and insecurities. They both are examples of the maxim “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

 Crank (2006)

One more piece directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, ‘Crank’ is a story of crank dvd coverprofessional assassin Chev Chelios who is  on a severe epinephrine rush in order to live life to the fullest in both literal and metaphoric sense, due to an injection (courtesy of his enemy) coursing through his veins which will kill him if he let’s his pulse stabilize. So he will sprint on for the sake of his existence while searching for an anti-dote. The plot is a thorough black thriller comedy and it doesn’t disappoint the raw action addicts who dig the gruesome and intense flicks with a tint of humor.

The similarity between the two movies is the reckless plot and excitement filled aura of the scenes. The speediness of Chev as he keeps up with the ticking time is absurd and both energetic. The entire cast in both movies shown is unique in a wicked manner as they keep on performing various sort of abnormal activities.

Gamer (2009)

Directed by Mark Neveldine, ‘Gamer’ is an insight to a violent online game called ‘slayers’, gamer 2009 movie posterwhere the protagonist Kable is mechanically controlled through a young player’s device, when a rebellion against the creator of the game starts, he acts as a critical weapon in ending their cyber manipulated slavery.

It can be similar to Pathology in the aspect of the main character’s qualities, where we see Ted fighting for his life to end the sick psychotic murderer, it resembles the manner of survival Kable contains. They both struggle with a sinister force being the threat to not only themselves but their surrounding as well.
Plus another similar fact is the presence of Mark Neveldine as a writer in one and a director in the other.

Pathology (2008) Quick Facts


Pathology is an American horror film about a top medical student who joins an internship program but unknowingly becomes part of morgue killings perpetrated by fellow interns just looking for fun.  The film is directed by Marc Scholermann and stars Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Weston, and Alyssa Milano.  The story was written by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.  This MGM thriller was released in the U.S. on April 18, 2008.
pathology_ver2Pathology tells the story of Dr. Ted Grey (Milo Ventimiglia), a Harvard-trained medical student who joins an internship program in a prestigious medical institution.  A group of Interns who came ahead of him has been discreetly playing dangerous games at the hospital morgue, victimizing and killing people.  Dr. Jake Gallo (Michael Weston), the group honcho asks Grey to join in the “fun”.  Later, Gallo’s girlfriend, co-intern, Dr. Juliette Bath succeeds in seducing Grey.  Gallo discovers Bath’s indiscretion and tries to kill her in the spirit of sick “fun”.

Gallo, in the presence of his group, attempts an autopsy on Bath but gets interrupted by a huge gas explosion, killing everyone in the room except for Gallo who, due to hindsight, managed to save himself.  Grey, who was in another room also survived the incident.

Gallo presses on with his revenge by murdering Grey’s girlfriend Gwen  Williamson (Alyssa Milano).  In succeeding scenes, Gallo manages to pin down Grey.  Both engage in exchanging brutal remarks but Grey succeeds in confusing Gallo.  Fortunately, hospital pathologist Ben Stravinsky comes into the scene, freeing Grey from his bondage.  Grey dissects Gallo while still alive and the rest is left to the viewer’s dark imagination.

The movie is moderately fast-paced.  Most of the characters appear disgustful and somewhat sickening for a med intern but later on becomes convincing after taking a peek or two into their persona.

Lead star Milo Ventimiglia, who, at one time, played nurse cum superhero Peter Petrelli in “Heroes” did well as med intern Dr. Grey.

The scene where he throws quick-witted remarks at Gallo during the latter part was very entertaining.

Blood and gore were thrown into the picture to add graphic visuals.  A satisfying film for those who love twisted, unconventional tales, the type you would want to watch after a monotonous day at work.

Final scenes showcasing Gallo suffering in the hands of Grey was redeeming.  Makes you want to spit on Gallo and say “You deserve it doc!”