Movies similar to “Pathology” (2008)

Movies similar to “Pathology” (2008)

Good movies are generally watched on a more enjoyable level but there are specific genres which never cease to grip the viewer’s attention. Genres such as: Animation, action, romance, comedy, mystery etc. Similarly many of the widely celebrated movies belong to the category of Crime and horror.

When fused together, these two elements create mentally striking pieces which mostly leave nothing up to imagination. One of the popular examples of such creations is the movie ‘Pathology’ (2008) directed by Marc Scholermann. The thriller wrapped screening does a fair justice to the writer’s fabrication. There are many other tribute worthy films connected to the same class, as of the above mentioned motion picture.Few of the blockbusters are listed as follows:

The silence of the lambs (1991)the silence of lambs movie poster

Using an under training FBI student as a bait for gaining information from a psychiatrist who is a major psychopath and cannibal doesn’t seem like a great idea but that’s exactly what the department does. The main character named Clarice Sterling acts as a link to get the psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter to spill secrets regarding an important case, while digging deeper for any more clues she also keeps fleeing from the jaws of another criminal mastermind.

The comparison between the two movies reveals insanity and the disturbed ambition of the villain. There is mystery and violation of human flesh in both to achieve sick personal blood lust. The most common thing is the set up of Gothic characteristics.


Hollow Man (2000)

What if man could turn invisible? This intriguing concept becomes a motivation for a group of gifted scientists. They dedicate all their hard work to hollow manthe mission of attaining human transparency. One of them named Sebastian does succeed in developing such formula and he soon decides to become a subject for the experiment. After seeing the progress and truth behind his work he starts manipulating his fellows and people around him, driven by power and a corrupt mentality, he uses it to accomplish the wrongest of wrongs and loses his life while drunk in madness.

The film is identical to ‘Pathology’ in the features of the antagonists. Both Jake and Sebastian are sinister in an indistinguishable way because they follow their revenge demanding and ill power wielding nature. They create chaos from every chance possible to extinguish their vengeance and insecurities. They both are examples of the maxim “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.


Crank (2006)

One more piece directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, ‘Crank’ is a story of professional assassin Chev Chelios crank movie coverwho is on a severe epinephrine rush in order to live life to the fullest in both literal and metaphoric sense, due to an injection (courtesy of his enemy) coursing through his veins which will kill him if he let’s his pulse stabilize.

So he will sprint on for the sake of his existence while searching for an anti-dote. The plot is a thorough black thriller comedy and it doesn’t disappoint the raw action addicts who dig the gruesome and intense flicks with a tint of humor.

The similarity between the two movies is the reckless plot and excitement filled aura of the scenes. The speediness of Chev as he keeps up with the ticking time is absurd and both energetic. The entire cast in both movies shown is unique in a wicked manner as they keep on performing various sort of abnormal activities.

Gamer (2009)gamer movie

Directed by Mark Neveldine, ‘Gamer’ is an insight to a violent online game called ‘slayers’, where the protagonist Kable is mechanically controlled through a young player’s device, when a rebellion against the creator of the game starts, he acts as a critical weapon in ending their cyber manipulated slavery.

It can be similar to Pathology in the aspect of the main character’s qualities, where we see Ted fighting for his life to end the sick psychotic murderer, it resembles the manner of survival Kable contains. They both struggle with a sinister force being the threat to not only themselves but their surrounding as well.
Plus another similar fact is the presence of Mark Neveldine as a writer in one and a director in the other.

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