Full Movie Review of “Pathology” The Movie

Full Movie Review of “Pathology” The Movie

Directed by Marc Scholermann under the MGM patronate, ‘Pathology’ is a crime – horror movie including somewhat of a thriller genre as well. This ninety three minutes film combines a terrifying experience with bone chilling brutality for the audience and it does achieve its purpose to a medium but necessary extent. The writers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor with Alyssa Milano as leading cast create a skillful twisted world where the Hippocratic oath is not only unconsidered but boldly violated by the pathologists themselves, imagine the saver becoming the ultimate killer and you get a well manipulated obligation to meet up the highest level of cruelty and disrespect of human body.

Pathology Horror Movie 18+ Only – R rated!

The movie is rated R for factors like disturbing and perverse behavior, graphic images, sexual content, nudity, drug use and foul language.pathology dvd cover
Although the movie is not the perfect attention grabber but it has in fact attained a good and significant recognition.

The beginning of the film is actually an introduction to the mentality of Gallo and his group while using corpse bodies for their own entertainment and humor. Teddy Gray is a clever but mysterious man and he shrugs off getting bullied by the fellow interns a.k.a Gallo and his team as not much of an alarming situation but befriending them turns out to be even more threatening and callous.

What was apparently just a bunch of childish and immature interns was revealed as the psychotic game of power and murder . Teddy gray isn’t exactly a protagonist, though he might seem like one because the personality he possesses is of a cheater and a cryptic guy, he is accustomed to sin himself but not as reckless as the rest of the people he joins.

His nature in a manner appeals to Gallo and company because of the complexity and passiveness. He isn’t a total code hero, he just realizes the brunt of his mistakes when the circumstances are almost too aggressive to back out of. When the truth unfolds regarding the insanity wedged in minds of the antagonists, he comes to the conclusion that he might’ve risked the life he is blessed with and those of the ones he loves, putting it all in a deeply pressurizing situation. Though it leads to a wicked battle for survival but his only positive quality is his courage and not backing down when faced with the scarring and challenging mindset of his co workers.

His mild but alert attitude in a case that he does put a stop to all the havoc around him. Milo Ventimiglia has played the role of ‘Dr. Ted Grey’ with a much required cunningness and spirit but we also see Michael Weston playing the role of ‘Dr. Jake Gallo’ in the most villainous way possible , both of their performances however weren’t solely responsible for getting the best reviews and critique because there were after all many plot holes.

Can Doctors be ‘Skilled Killers’? Watch In Pathology the Moviepathology doctor killers movies

The obnoxious team of killers are experts in the respective field because of the content of knowledge and experience that they had gained in past works of craziness, therefore all of them are professionally skilled when it comes to getting rid of any sort of evidence leading to their exposure. The sense of a sick competition between all of them is the reason behind the killer rampage going on and poor teddy gets badly tangled up in their creation.

Everybody wants the other to play Sherlock Holmes and themselves getting throned as the superior murderer, during treating the whole scenario as if it’s nothing more than a college prank. The struggle for triumph has become an instinct for them blinding them from all the gory consequences.Their maniacal habits and constant intercourse in presence of morgues is surely an unsettling element and makes us wonder if these people are under spell of necromania.

They are also the victims of sado-masochism as they use the forensic tools for pleasure purposes too, which further labels them as a savage class of humans . Those beings have gone stripped from any kind of guilt or remorse, considering it all as normal as long as they don’t get caught but Teddy isn’t exactly an angel himself however his personal sins and reasons for participating in this cringe worthy game aren’t totally disclosed . So is everyone else’s. This is a scary but lesson teaching portrayal of a true criminal sociopath and it does play with the watcher’s thinking in a tricky but effective way. The observer questions the qualities of the characters that do they not have any conscience ? and precisely how bored does one has to become in order to perform this activity of numerous mastered massacres?

Pathology The Movie – A Horror Worth to Watch

The film is purely appreciable in maintaining the authenticity of discarded and grisly human flesh along with building a state of disturbia for the ones watching it.

It is not family friendly in any way , definitely not a flick to watch with kids or weak hearted people as a ‘curl-up-on-the-couch’ relaxer. As the barbarity and extremism is traumatic in both moral and individual manners. Though it might be intriguing for the majority of curious and nerdy psychiatrists who want to collect the theories behind warped brains and wit.

The movie displays a moral that what happens when humans explore the gift of Good to such a limit where it falls under the category of toys to them to attain their own wild satisfaction and happiness. When the wrong person gets the key to answers he might be able to create the biggest and very dangerous labyrinths of all time, but if dealt with caution or even smallest trace of humanity, it can later on transform into a saving grace. Ted wasn’t a pure human but he did have slight characteristic of sanity which made him defy the move to be a pawn and giving out to the tyrannical rule of the abnormality that stood before him.

All in all, this film succumbs to the majestic and psychotic scare genre going straight in an environment where the mission is achieved not only by blood but by nerve as well

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