Critics review of ‘Pathology’ (2008)

Critics review of ‘Pathology’ (2008)

Directed by Marc Scholermann and written by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, ‘Pathology’ is a Crime-Thriller movie released in 2008.
The movie received mixed reviews from the audience as well as the critics, from genius to average and also obnoxious.
Although the ideas behind production seemed great before the movie was released, not much could be summed up for the execution according to some viewers.

We have compiled the popular ones for you here:

Rotten Tomatoes reported the positive reviews as 43%.

Metacritic scored the movie a 55 out of 100.

Los Angeles Times said it was ‘A nasty, naughty little film, a delightfully disagreeable horror-thriller’.

Scott Tobias (AV Club) pointed out – ‘There are a lot of diabolically clever ideas at play in Pathology, but Ventimiglia and director Marc Schoelermann snuff them out by treating the material gravely when they should be turning up the volume. As an actor, Ventimiglia (Rocky Balboa, TV’s heartthrob in Heroes) seems incapable of having any fun, but here, he’s playing a character who’s on vacation from his conscience; after his residency is over, he can get on with his buttoned-down life as if nothing ever happened, but even a kinky, Body Of Evidence-like fling with a fellow doctor (Lauren Lee Smith) leaves him stone-faced. For his part, Schoelermann misses the satirical possibilities of a premise that’s the ultimate testament to the arrogant detachment of the medical profession. Neither of them seems to realize that their movie is fundamentally—and at times gloriously—ridiculous, but much like Crank, it’s the guiltiest of guilty pleasures anyway.’

IMDB rated the movie a 6 out of 10.

James Rocchi ( Common Sense Media) stated that – “Pathology” is trying to shock audiences, and it does but at the same time, it at least does so through its characters and with bleak conviction. With recent PG-13 horror/thriller films like One Missed Call, Prom Night, and Shutter having breezed in and out of theaters, it’s at least refreshing that PATHOLOGY makes no bones about what it is: A grisly, R-rated thriller. Director Marc Schoelermann has clearly been reading the David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club) playbook, as his film takes place in a visually majestic (yet still terrifying) city of secrets and conspiracies.

Kudos also to screenwriters Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor for refusing to take any easy ways out with Ventimiglia’s character; Ted isn’t a starry-eyed innocent embroiled in trouble, but rather a willing participant in his own damnation. The movie succeeds in its mission, with more than just endless buckets of blood.’

-While Kim Newman (Empire) says – ‘This puppy is just too deformed to survive long in theatres. Best to put it out of its misery.’

Sandy MacDonald (Boston Globe) reviews it as – ‘Even squeamish viewers are apt to be captivated by the tight, credible scripting; these 20-somethings talk and behave like today’s irony-clad young sophisticates. And whatever your opinion of the subject matter, you can’t fault the filmmaking.’

Lucius Gore (ESplatter) – ‘ To put things into perspective, the campier “Saw” films are all better — and more clever ..’

Deep Focus Review adds in its two pence – ‘Director Marc Schoelermann offers an ambivalent and narcissistic production shot in varying tones of muted gray, accentuating the nasty makeup effects that will cause veteran horror fans to cringe, as Y-incisions and cracked rib cages look gruesomely authentic. But never more complicated than the reiteration of scenes involving graphic sex and death, Pathology renders itself meaningless, and, thanks to the irritating and inexplicable behavior of its central characters, quite annoying.’

The Movie Blog’s review goes – ‘Pathology ends up being a smart, sexy, sick and somewhat twisted thriller that is quite enjoyable and a lot of fun to watch. The movie is hindered by lack of flow to the story telling, one of the worst scenes I’ve seen in years and a regrettably misused set of supporting characters, but overall still a great time at the theater. What can I say? I think it’s a great movie! Overall I give Pathology a 7.5 out of 10.’

So in an overall sense, the movie has both good and bad reviews, but it is better for one to watch it for one’s own self to gain a better sense of opinion about the film as well as qualify it as ‘grotesquely clever’ or just ‘simply pathetic’.

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