Alyssa Milano And Her Role in “Pathology” The Movie

Alyssa Milano And Her Role in “Pathology” The Movie

Alyssa Milano is an American actress, producer, blogger, fashion designer, reality show host, writer, judge and former singer.
She is prominently known for her roles in shows like Who’s the boss?, Romantically Challenged, Mistresses and Charmed. Milano was born on 19th December, 1972 in Brooklyn New York to fashion designer Lin Milano and her husband, a film music producer, Thomas M.Milano.

She had a very close knit family and loving environment while growing up with her baby brother Cory, who is seven years her junior. Alyssa started her career as a child artist at age 7, when she auditioned for a part in the national show called Annie.

She got the part as one of the orphans and toured the country with her mother for 18 months. This kick started her career in the film industry.
After the role of Annie, Alyssa returned and starred in many commercials that landed her a role in Who’s the Boss? in 1984.
She was portrayed as Samantha Micelli, the outgoing and loud daughter of Tony Danza.

Alyssa Milano Leading Cast Show Survives to OutLive Incredible 8 Seasons

The show aired for eight successful seasons. During this period she was spotted by a Japanese producer and she recorded five studio albums with his Alyssa Milano with boyfriendrecord label. Milano described her songs as “Bubblegum pop” and they were exclusively released in Japan.
After Who’s the Boss? ended, Alyssa took on roles in off Broadway theatre productions like Jayne Eyre, Butterflies are free etc.  She also starred as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter in Commando (1985). Alyssa was the teenage sweetheart during the 80’s. As she grew up, the awkward phase of Milano transforming from a teenager to an adult made it hard for her to find work.

The transduction of Alyssa into an adult made her move from teenage movies to B movies. The translational period resulted in her starring in movies like Deadly Sins, Poison ivy II, Candles in the Dark, Embracing the Vampire etcetera. She also worked in a children’s film named The Canterville Ghost. Her role however, was not appreciated and she received negative reviews. In 1991, she reappeared in an independent movie titled “Where the Day Takes You”.

Her small role of a homeless prostitute gained her much appreciation from the critics. Alyssa Milano was also a blogger during the 90’s and wrote about her favourite team the Los Angeles Dodgers. She also came to the conclusion that there were no clothes available to suit the female fans of the team and thus decided to use her creativity to design the team central clothes for females.

And that is how Touch by Alyssa was created. It catered to designer wear for women that celebrated the Los Angeles Dodgers.  After a long break, Milano made a comeback with the series Melrose Place (1997-1998). From 1998-2006 she worked In the WB drama Charmed as Phoebe Halliwell that made her already famous personal rise exponentially.
During the early 2000’s she started philanthropic work and spent three months in South Africa that opened up new perspectives for her.
She was deeply moved by the calamity stricken people of the land and she started giving back to the community and became associated with many international charities.

Alyssa Milano Goodwill Missions as UNICEF’s AmbassadorAlyssa Milano with husband

In 2004 she also became UNICEF’s Goodwill National Ambassador. She ran a campaign for PETA in 2009 aa well, as she is striving to lessen people’s suffering. Her role in Romantically Challenged (2010) broke her long reprieve from the entertainment industry. In the same year she published her book “Safe at Home:Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic” that channelled her passion for baseball. She was also a host and later on, judge on Project Runway: All Stars. She gave her voice over for Ghostbusters: The Video Game. She starred and produced the romantic comedy “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” that focuses on a woman going through a relationship dilemma. Her work in television movie Pathology was duly noted and much appreciated.

Alyssa Milano In Recent Life & Work

Recently, Alyssa Milano starred as the lead role in the ABC’s production “Mistresses” as Savannah Davis.
Milano, for her stellar performances and awe inspiring roles won many awards and nominations. Even though Alyssa Milano’s virtually whole life has been put on film, she has not soaked up any bad influences from her peers.

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Alyssa Milano did not succumb to the temptatious callings of many other child star’s demise. She attributes this to her family who kept her grounded. Alyssa, while being Dyslexic, never let It be a hindrance to her career or let it rule her life. She completed her studies while working as well. This just goes on to show how strong and resilient her character is. Even now, after spending more than three decades in the entertainment industry, Milano is as real a person as she was before being discovered. She actively interacts with her followers on Twitter, personally replying to their tweets.

She also shares her personal endeavors as well as engages fans to contribute to the international causes she is engaged with. When you have a plethora of experience and physical work to boast of your success to the world, nobody needs words. Miss Alyssa Milano is truly a shining example of how, with steel determination and sincerity, you can conquer the world.

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